Depression & Anxiety

Counselling and Depression

Depression varies very much from person to person and can happen for one or an accumulation of different reasons. In many cases it may be triggered by an unwelcome or traumatic event such as a bereavement, getting divorced, losing a job or being assaulted. Depression can range from feeling a little low in mood to at its most severe, being a life threatening condition that may lead someone to take their own life. Counselling can help you to explore and understand your own particular experience as well as guiding you towards your own solutions.

Counselling and Anxiety

Anxiety is when we feel worry or fear. Although we usually find it unpleasant, anxiety is related to the fight or flight response, which is our bodies natural biological reaction to feeling threatened. Anxiety/ fear is therefore a normal human experience but it becomes a problem when these feelings are very strong, overwhelming and/or last for a long time. Counselling can help you understand the cause of your anxiety and to find ways of managing/ recovering from it.

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